Applications are individually suited to your horse’s needs and enhance performance, reduce recovery time and promote healing.

Equi-Tape can be used to:

  • increase circulation to promote healing
  • support and assist fatigued muscles and tendons
  • reduce inflammation
  • applied in alignment with your riding goals
  • improve proprioception (the mind/body connection as it relates to earth’s gravity)
  • improve the appearance of scars and underlying scar-tissue

It is effective when used on its own and in combination with Equi-Bow Treatments. Equi-Tape can be applied as an add-on service to Equi-Bow Treatments, or as a single Equi-Tape session.

Single sessions include an in-depth assessment of posture, confirmation, and movement. Equi-Tape is applied as needed and a healing plan set in motion for your horse to reach its full genetic potential.

$75/single session