Animal Communication

Through intuitive and telepathic conversations with your horse, you can deepen your partnership and collaborate on important issues such as their health, behaviour and any underlying concerns.

Through Animal Communication, you can have:

  • peace of mind
  • a purposeful direction to follow
  • optimize physical health
  • reduce stress
  • clearer connection
  • whole horse health (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical)
  • reduce emotional outbreaks and improved safety (riding and on the ground)
  • direct your costs & save money
  • more time doing the things you love!

Experience a deeper connection!

1 hour – $160 / 45 min. – $120 / 30 min. – $80 / 15 min. – $40

“Just wanted to thank you so much for our session this morning! I will have to teach myself to follow the path that’s been laid out for me so brilliantly. Our sessions always give me so much peace. Knowing for sure where things are at in the lives of my wonderful companions is just awesome! THANK YOU!” – Jacki B.