Heather has been riding, caring and working with horses for over 20 years. Her skills as an Inter-Species Communicator began over 10 years ago and have developed alongside her certification as a Reiki Master, Equi-Bow Practitioner and Equi-Tape Practitioner. Her dedication to learning through life and continuous professional and intuitive training, gives her the ability to blend skill, experience and knowledge into every session.

Education & Training

Animal Communication

Heather first became aware of her abilities in 2006 when she first received a message from her horse. Having discovered a profound talent and ease with communicating with animals, she began sharing messages for herself, friends and family. Knowing that there was more available to her, she sought out guidance and training from experienced animal communicators to practice professionally.

Her official training as an Animal & Inter-Species Communicator began in 2008 and continued for the next three years working rigorously to improve her inherent skills and abilities through education, training and experience. Striving to provide the best experience for human and horse, Heather learns from every communication session to improve the format as needed.

Throughout the years, Heather has completed complementary courses in Animal Reiki, Death and Dying, Shamanic & Energetic Healing, Power Animal Fundamentals & Readings, boundaries, Shamanic Astrology , Elemental Forces of Creation (working in harmony with the elements), Past Life Regression & Healing, and more. Feeling the need to enhance her communication skills, she completed additional Animal Communication training to ensure that she was on the leading edge of the field. Her dedication to improving her skills and abilities is on-going, and a blend of practical learning and intuitive enhancement.

Heather has also facilitated and taught Animal Communication, Reiki and intuitive development workshops since 2013.


Heather’s training as an Animal Communicator went hand in hand with her Reiki training. Starting both at the same time in 2008, she found Reiki helped to enhance her ability as a healer and Communicator. Having become a Reiki Master in 2011 at the age of 21, Heather has now been practicing and incorporating Reiki in all that she does for the past 9 years.

She is honoured to have passed down the Reiki tradition, teachings and healing through certifying others in the modality.


Heather was first introduced to Equi-Bow in 2005 when her horse became chronically lame. Feeling that Equi-Bow could greatly assist her and her horse, she quickly found a passion for it in her life. Beginning her training in 2009, she was a student practitioner for four years before graduating in 2013. Her formal education included topics of equine anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology as well as the modality itself. Her eye for detail and precision in the moves made her a natural candidate as a teaching assistant for Equi-Bow Canada. Both during and after her certification, she mentored other students in anatomy and how to properly perform the moves that are the core of Equi-Bow Treatments. Heather is happy to have assisted clients within Canada, the States and Europe throughout her practice.


From the time Heather heard of Equi-Tape in 2015 and saw it sold in stores, she has been applying it to horses. Using it on her own horse from video and written instructions, she saw how it could be instrumental for healing clients’ horses. Taking the practitioner’s course in the summer of 2016, she became certified soon thereafter. Her knowledge of equine anatomy and biomechanics, makes her quickly able to assess the best application for improved healing and performance.